Welcome to Cerulean Butterfly!

We are a group of positive, loving and peaceful individuals who are struggling with eating disorders.

What we intend to do, and what we hope to do, is provide a place from which everbody - eating disordered or not - can benefit.

As a site, Cerulean Butterfly has evolved throughout the years. In the beginning, we were associated more with the 'pro-anorexia' movement; however over the years, as our site has grown and developed, our stance has changed. We now consider our site to be not 'pro-anorexia', but 'pro-reality'. Our mission is to educate people from all backgrounds about what exactly an eating disorder is, as well as providing knowledge of the dangers and threats associated with the issue.

Do not visit our site or forum if you are hoping to develop an eating disorder or wish to lose a few pounds. We believe that an eating disorder does NOT constitute a lifestyle choice, but a terrible and life threatening disease.

This means that while we offer acceptance, honesty and understanding to those in any state of eating disorder, we also encourage recovery and health in every possible way. Our mantra: YOU ARE NEVER ALONE! You can always find another Butterfly here who understands this terrible disease and knows what it is like to live with. We are a community and strive to offer love and support to all our members in whatever they are going through in their lives. The only proviso is that to join the forum you must be suffering from an eating disorder and over 15 years of age.

The forum is now only accepting registrations which come from a legitimate source. Some of these sources include yahoo, gmail, hotmail, .edu or .co.uk. Non legitimate email sources will be denied. This action is due to a need to cut down on the huge amount of spam we receive through the forum. We are also still requesting location information as well.

May peace, health and happiness prevail amongst all. *Cerulean Butterfly is not affiliated with any other websites. Links from other websites have not been approved by Cerulean Butterfly, nor do we accept responsibility for the content of such websites.
Welcome to Cerulean Butterfly