You can live your life free from an eating disorder. Recovery is possible. Sustained recovery requires careful planning, and a team approach. For many patients, that means utilizing the full continuum of care. Typically, recovery does not happen once, but takes place over years of mindful application of the lessons learned in treatment. In other words, care goes hand and hand with aftercare.

It can be challenging to re-enter into the environment that one’s eating disorder had previously developed. However, going back with a realistic treatment plan can help to facilitate the recovery process. Trust your team. Follow their recommendations for when it is time to step down. It is important to not cut yourself off from support, even when you feel like things are going “fine”. Challenges will come up, and while you might have the skills to respond to them without eating disorder behavior it’s helpful to have a professional as “backup”. They will be able to help you create a plan that includes being aware of what may have triggered you in the past, and help you to work towards creating effective and healthy coping skills.